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About Us

What is EE-Shorts?

EE-Shorts is a New York made sportswear brand specializing in mesh shorts.

Respectfully signed off with the brand's signature “EE” logo, the lighthearted yet to-the-point message has been plastered on the front window of EE's New York flagship store at 91 Greene St. since July 9. For anyone who knows about EE, that seems like a bit of an issue. The sportswear-inspired streetwear label is known for its infinite takes on mesh basketball shorts. This level of popularity coupled with the blistering temperatures that have hit the tri-state area in recent weeks has made EE's stylish mesh shorts the latest item to become a key piece of the NYC uniform. 

To: All EE-Shorts Lovers Around The World
From: EE-Shorts.vip

Are you sick and tired of watching other people wearing excessively expensive (but super cool) ee-shorts while you have to settle for more affordable and available models?
I know I was…
That said, nobody was surprised when I decided to get into fashion design school and take internships at factories.
And that’s how it all started…

Why So Cheap?

As an ee lover, I couldn’t watch all those amazing shorts get left in the dust.
So I went straight to these manufacturers and asked them to sell me these replica leftovers… And they accepted.
(What would they do with them anyway?)
That’s how this website was born.
Well, guess what happens once enough pairs pass the control and the company reaches its quota?

Quality Guarantee

You can ensure you will receive the absolute finest quality with every purchase. If there is an ever issue with the product or box we will provide a full refund or exchange to ensure your experience with ee-shorts is exceptional.
Our success over the years can be attributed to our loyal commitment to our customers. You can always reach out to us through our direct contact form.